Committed to fostering innovation and enriching the built environment through inspiring architecture.

“The creation of inspiring architecture is about developing an evolving dialogue with our clients and the community, and responding to their needs with sensitivity, innovation and creativity.”

 - Camden Whitlock, AIA | ALW Principal


After studying architecture and working together for nearly a decade, co-founders Rodney Lewis and Cam Whitlock started Architects Lewis + Whitlock (ALW) in 2000. The two shared a desire to create a positive work environment that would allow them to do what they love while also fostering a spirit of camaraderie, cultivating talent, and engaging creativity. Collectively, with their creative talent and architectural vision, they have established a distinctive identity within the Southeast's design community.

Design Philosophy

ALW is comprised of a diverse group of curious and talented architects and designers who simply love what we do. We bring enthusiasm along with knowledge and expertise to collectively create innovative and award-winning design solutions. Seeking an inclusive and harmonious design process, we take a compassionate and empathetic approach as we listen and understand our clients’ needs and interests. Our projects are built on relationships and formed through listening to our clients and understanding their vision. Sensitivity to the context of the project is motivated by our ability to serve our clients and help them realize their goals. Guiding a project from visualization to reality is what ultimately brings us fulfillment. We want to serve our clients, benefit the community, and advance the profession.


ALW’s mission is to provide comprehensive service through a collaborative team approach that results in great architecture. We seek to cultivate a studio that is known to consistently innovate and produce leaders in the fields of architecture and design. We aspire to build a legacy of design excellence and creativity that impacts current and future generations.