The Architects Lewis + Whitlock Team

Architects Lewis + Whitlock made a deliberate and strategic decision to remain a mid-sized firm that serves a diverse array of market sectors and attracts design professionals committed to designing vibrant and functional spaces where people can live, learn, work and play.

Our firm’s work hard play hard culture and reputation for design excellence allows us to continuously attract and retain the best and brightest designers, collaborators and thought leaders.

Our staff works in a single open-plan studio space where in-house collaboration, design charrettes and desk critiques take place daily. We believe this encourages a cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines and design perspectives throughout our studio while also giving young design professionals a chance to hone their presentation skills. 

Employees are encouraged to participate in professional organizations and networking forums to enhance professional development, cultivate relationships, and gain exposure and stature in the market sectors and communities we serve. This includes organization memberships, speaking engagements, networking events, committee work, and environmental awareness and beautification initiatives that align with the firm’s philosophy, mission and goals.

Outside the office, our employees can also be found participating in company-sponsored events, community outreach in various forms, and of course, happy hours at our favorite, local breweries.

We are proud of our track-record for mentoring leaders from within the firm, be they design students, interns or seasoned designers from other places, to produce recognized design leaders, innovators and architectural professionals.

What we produce says something about who we are. At ALW, we own our work and we're cognizant of the fact that what we do impacts our community and our profession.

– Rodney Lewis

"I chose to intern at ALW initially because of the firm's reputation of being a top design firm in Tallahassee. I choose to stay here because the studio has become a family for me, where I am both encouraged and challenged every day. ALW has a culture that supports its staff where they are while at the same time pulling their staff up to a stronger and more whole space. There is level ground at the expectation that everyone is a constant learner. I appreciate that I can work alongside the project architects and know that they are also growing as we address each new challenge along the way." – Amanda Grace, ALW Intern 2022 | Florida A&M University Architecture Student
"On first impression of ALW’s work, I immediately latched on to the concept of transparency. It’s clearly a driving force behind some of their most iconic structures, but transparency permeates throughout the culture of the company, not just the buildings they design. The studio door is always open, allowing the sunlight to shine throughout; and there aren’t dividers between desks (well, there are currently plexiglass dividers due to COVID) so I can always ask a question or get in on a joke. Everyone at ALW is up for lunch and down for a good laugh. It’s a comfortable place to be - a place to feel welcomed." – Troy Monroe, ALW Spring Intern 2021 | Florida A&M University Architecture Student
"To have had the opportunity to intern with the ALW team was an absolute honor. Experiencing the craft of architecture while being taught by amazing architects and designers was a gift that will always be cherished. Working along-side a firm dedicated to their practice and output lends to an enriching experience for a student like me, and an incredible chance to grow and learn. I am blessed to have had this opportunity to build my own design knowledge from an incredible group of designers in a fantastic environment. Thank you for all of your support ALW!" – Alex Lister, ALW Spring Intern 2019 | Florida A&M University Architecture Student
"Thank you so much for making my experience at ALW this summer so memorable. I really loved getting the chance to work with all the talented people. Thank you also for including me in the office's various activities and site visits and for making me feel like an important part of the team. I'm excited to take what I've learned at ALW back to school with me in the fall!" - Carrie Li, ALW Summer Intern 2018 | Rice University Graduate Architecture Student
"I am proud to have interned with your team full of ambitious people who work hard and know how to keep the studio alive. I learned a lot from your wealth of experience - more than you will ever know - and I will definitely miss your vibes. Thank you for the support and friendship." - Cristina Montenegro, ALW Intern 2017-2018 | FAMU Architecture Graduate Student
"Working with the dynamic team at ALW this summer was one of the best learning experiences I have had. I learned more about architecture, the challenges of it, and had the pleasure of working with amazing people who all share a deep passion for the same thing. While the technical aspects of this internship were rewarding, I am most content having experienced the strong ALW studio culture and corporate values, which are necessary for a functioning teamwork environment. I am looking forward to reuniting with the ALW team in the future to learn about their new projects and see their current ones break ground. I strongly encourage students in the design field to apply for an internship with this talented team." - Serina Valdes, ALW Summer Intern 2017 | Clemson Architecture Student