Athletic Facilities Master Planning Study

Florida State University | Tallahassee, Florida

The FSU Athletic Facilities Master Planning Study began as a process of analyzing the existing and future needs of more than 25 sports and support programs within the Athletics Department, as well as documenting the existing conditions of each of the athletic facilities. The scope of this study included review of owner-provided facility condition analysis reports (ISES), assessments for all sports' current facilities (athletic and non-athletic) use, analysis of future programming requests for each sport, and the development of a 5 and 10-year master plan for each sports venue. These services were provided through a series of meetings, each followed by assessment documentation. Meetings were conducted with athletic representatives from each facility to determine current and future facility needs. Floor plans were gathered and color-coded key plans were developed to indicate current facility spaces used. A qualitative and quantitative space needs analysis was developed for each program component.

Florida State University
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