FSU Alumni Center

Tallahassee, Florida

The FSU Alumni Center project included a renovation to a 6,500 SF residential structure dating from the 1880s and construction of a new 20,000 SF mixed-use occupancy building. The building consisted of 10,000 SF of hospitality space and 10,000 SF of administrative space, which houses the Florida State University Alumni Association. The design vocabulary of the building is strongly influenced by the University's design requirement that buildings evoke a Jacobean Gothic style similar to that established in the historic district of the campus.

Florida State University
$4.8 million
26,500 SF
The primary impetus for the project was to provide hospitality space capable of hosting large social gatherings with seating for approximately 250 people. By strategically locating the new building around two mature live oak trees, an entertainment courtyard was created that acts as an extension of the ballroom space. The physical proximity of the interior space to the exterior, coupled with the provision of generous glazed pairs of doors and fixed glazing around the perimeter of the space establishes a strong link to the exterior which encourages visitors to the space to take in the beauty of the site both visually and physically.
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