Legacy Walk

Call Street Corridor at Florida State University | Tallahassee, Florida

The University had a desire to enhance the zone of walkways, utilities, green spaces, and traffic along the Call Street between the Strozier Library and Chieftan Way known as the Call Street Corridor. The 5-phase project required beautification, wider walking paths, resolution of pedestrian-vehicular conflicts, and most of all, a sense of order for the disorganized collection of utilities, plants, bike parking, and foot paths. We responded with a 24-foot wide walkway that undulates and curves around and engages trees and utilities, providing safe areas for bike parking and well-lit walks at night. ALW led the design effort to create a corridor that embraces the existing large oak trees and green spaces, while providing lush landscaping and screening off unsightly utilities from view. Another important phase of the project was resolved as the traffic and pedestrian safety conflict at the entrance to the Student Parking Garage 1 was mediated by the use of a round-a-bout for drop-off and pick-up. The Call Street Corridor, once a campus eye sore, is now a welcoming and engaging place for visitors to traverse.

Florida State University
$1.7 million
Photo Credit: Heritage & University Archives, Florida State University
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