Oglesby Student Union Study + Master Plan

Florida State University | Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida State University Oglesby Student Union is comprised of a diverse group of programs and spaces that together form the recreational and social heart of the campus. The initial step of this multi-phase study focuses on determining the types and quantities of space that will be required to accommodate the various components anticipated to be a part of the Union over the next 20 years. This study examines current space utilization within the Union, quantifies and organizes the various existing program areas, projects current and future space needs, and assigns an opinion of cost to each department.

Florida State University
500,000 GSF
The space summaries and program information are implemented onto the existing Union site into a multi-phased project sequence. Full of challenges, one of the most difficult aspects of this effort is determining the ultimate phasing of the different Union components, with respect to existing facility conditions, user-group priorities, and so as not to disrupt the operations of the various Union and adjacent campus components.
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