Refuge House - Dawn of Hope Family Center

Tallahassee, FL

Located on approximately 11 acres and situated in the heart of Tallahassee, Refuge House provides a haven for those suffering from domestic violence, assault, and other traumas. This organization's goal is to provide shelter to those in need and create a space of security and healing. We intend to reinforce and foster that feeling of safety and healing through renovating and constructing a groundbreaking housing facility infused with trauma-informed design principles and features catered to the neurodivergent mind. Our holistic vision centers around transforming the existing 3,130 square foot building, originally dedicated to children's activities, into a sanctuary that addresses the physical needs of its occupants and fosters resilience and empowerment for individuals and families navigating through trauma. Our approach prioritizes safety, trust, collaboration, and empowerment through the philosophy of trauma-informed design. The renovation of the existing building entails a meticulous interior overhaul, emphasizing adaptability and comfort. Envisioned as a dynamic space, the design incorporates a versatile layout with a palette of soothing colors and soft textures to create a serene and calming atmosphere. Our proposal includes constructing two new 1,900-square-foot bar buildings strategically designed to house family accommodations, emphasizing shared living and kitchen spaces. The architectural concept seamlessly blends modernity with approachability, integrating harmoniously with the existing site while introducing outdoor spaces that will provide an environment of healing. Within the interiors, we envision carefully curated spaces that prioritize the emotional well-being of residents, combining selected materials and finishes with communal areas that encourage connection and belonging. These thoughtfully designed living spaces restore a sense of normalcy for those seeking refuge. Going beyond the built environment, our proposal incorporates mindful landscaping, outdoor spaces featuring greenery and communal gardens, and purposefully designed recreational areas that work cohesively with existing patios and views. These outdoor spaces contribute to residents' overall well-being and offer moments of respite and connection with nature. By synergizing trauma-informed design principles with innovative architectural solutions where neurotypical and neurodivergent residents feel comfortable, we aim to contribute significantly to the well-being and resilience of the individuals and families served at the Refuge House.

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