Coastal and Marine Laboratory Study + Master Plan Update

St. Teresa, Florida

Florida State University's Coastal Marine Laboratory (CML), located on 70 acres on the Gulf of Mexico consists of labs, dorms, and classrooms that are reaching capacity as the use of the campus grows. We were engaged to create a 10-year master plan for the clean-up, organization, and expansion of the CML campus and facilities. Additionally, we provided a phasing schedule that would allow for the continued use of the campus during demolition, renovation, and construction of facilities. Our design team, in conjunction with the FSU Facilities Department, devised space planning and budget options for the future needs of the lab and for fund raising.

Florida State University
70 Acres
The study required creative problem solving to imagine and represent solutions to the challenges presented by the lab and the site. Some of the challenges to overcome were the delicate public/private relationship in a rural area with many user groups and satisfying circulation issues with highway 98 and a harbor.
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