Domi Station Start-Up Incubator

Tallahassee, Florida

The Domi Station project, an incubator for start-up businesses, is representative of the growing creative environment in Tallahassee. This renovation of an existing warehouse building worked within the original brick shell to carve out inspirational spaces for creative entrepreneurs. While maintaining most portions of existing walls and restrooms, the empty warehouse area was transformed into a variety of open office spaces, private offices, college incubator studios, a lounge, and meeting spaces.

Domi Ventures, LLC
7,000 SF
The palette of construction materials may seem basic, but each material was used in a unique manner, OSB panels cladding accent walls, and corrugated plastic panels acting as translucent separation between offices. An undulating gypsum soffit resides above the collaborative spaces pierced with linear gaps revealing suspended lighting.
The client’s involvement through every step of the project made this renovation a true merging of ideas, which shows in each unique detail of the space.
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