Envision Credit Union Downtown Branch

Tallahassee, Florida

New, two-story, 10,300-square foot Envision Credit Union designed with state-of-the-art and secure banking practices in mind. As advances in technology make banking more automated, Envision strives to keep a personal touch in meeting their clients’ needs. Our design team worked with the credit union executives to create this facility that would deliver the best of both worlds, integrating automated self-serve banking equipment with custom, personal teller stations in a warm, welcoming, modern, yet secure and durable environment.

Envision Credit Union
10,300 SF
The new building weaves into the downtown fabric through materiality, building/human scale conditions and transparency to create an inviting and visible connection to the pedestrian.
The building features traditional one-on-one teller banking with, secure cash-recycler technology, ITMs, member services, and multiple options for members to conduct after hours transactions. It supports the credit union’s desire to remain a prominent community partner by investing in a large conference room that is separate but integral to the main area, offering meeting space for members.
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