Kaye Scholer

Tallahassee, Florida

Kaye Scholer is a large international law firm with offices around the globe, from New York to Chicago to Shanghai. Located in a prominent Southwood office building, this renovation project occupies the entire third floor. The Operations Center acts as a hub of connection offering global support services to all Kaye Scholer offices and staff.

Kaye Scholer
$1.2 million
30,000 SF
The design aims to embrace a universal design, reflecting clean lines, a central node of private offices behind a ribbon of glass – surrounded by open office space. The finish concept is based on a white overtone with pops of color to denote the various departments included in this center. The plan features a large, egg-shaped lounge to serve the center’s 150 employees.
A challenge of the project was coordinating the high security measures and sensitive data needs associated with a large law office.
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