Scott & Wallace Law Firm Extension Office

Tallahassee, Florida

The Scott & Wallace Law Firm purchased an existing building adjacent to their main office on North Monroe St. in Tallahassee with the intention of expanding their office. The existing building was originally built in 1952 as a Pure Oil gas station. An addition/renovation was completed in 1964 converting the building into a travel agency, but very few changes have been made to the structure since then. At 2,478 gross square feet, the two-story building consists of masonry exterior load baring walls, wood truss roof construction and a mixture of masonry and wood framed interior partitions. The building is classified as type V-B construction under the 2017 Florida Building Code (FBC). The proposed renovation of this building will include reconfiguration of the existing interior office spaces, removal of the second floor, the addition of an entry canopy, targeted structural and mechanical improvements, general exterior improvements, and measures to bring the building up to code per FBC requirements.

Scott & Wallace
2,478 SF
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